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Storm doors are great energy-savers

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storm doors with screens

When it comes to saving energy, opening and shutting a door will do a lot of damage to your power bill. You should consider investing in one of the many unique types of storm doors in order if your existing door has some mileage on it but it’s still in a decent condition. The same method isn’t said for adding one to a recently installed door since it doesn’t save as much energy. These frames are generally made of fiberglass, wood, aluminum, or steel. But if it is made of wood, it would require a bit more maintenance than most types of doors. If you’re getting a steel door, it would most certainly require foam insulation within its frames.

storm doors with screens

Good quality storm doors tend to use glass that is made with low-emissivity. The glass in some doors may also carry storing pocket for the summer time or in the winter as an insect screen. They can also have a full length screen that is fixed in along with panels made of glass that ventilate by sliding in and out. Others are made of half glass and half screen, which can also slide in and out of each other. Some can be removable for cleaning purpose, but most aren’t. It just depends on how much money you are willing to spend on said-features and add-ons.

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Some important energy-saving rules to follow include the following: Do not add glass storm doors if the outside doors get direct sun exposure for over three hours. This is due to the glass trapping the heat inside the entry door and eventually damaging it. Also, although they are available, if you are looking for something for your patio door, it may be somewhat hard to come by. If you are adding a door to a new low-energy door that are multi-glazed, it is not as economical as it seems. Just look for some insulated drapes, which are ideal for winter nights and sunny summer days. Just be sure to take time to look at all of the pros and cons so you can get the most potential out of this energy-saving technique.


storm doors and windows

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