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Sliding Glass Door Design

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Every home owner want to be in a room with a good view.whether it is situated where the sun is rising or setting on the skyline, or just next to the beach where the sea waves are kissing the shore, a house with an outstanding view is incredibly popular. Uses of glass has become popular in both in interior and exterior of the houses design. Contemporary architecture has adopted the glass in making doors windows with unabated views. Glass is widely used in infrastructures as doors, windows or wall. The good thing about glass is that it gives a clean view and is very elegant and has a sophisticated appearance. Glass are used in interior of the house where privacy is not much needed.the disadvantage of interior glass door design is that it does not offer the privacy needed. They can also be broken and ran into especially those that are clear.


Many residence are employing large floor-to-ceiling glass window design. They are doing this in order to get the best view, but the sliding door designs are taking that comfort a step further. This design of doors can be used to partition your bedroom and the sitting room or space outside. Translucent glass door designed with sliding door can be used to separate two rooms for example in offices. This is to ensure privacy.

The sliding glass door designs save space and are efficient in homes where space is minimal since the door can open and close without occupying much space. They also allow a lot light to illuminate into the room and also let in a lot of fresh air. This doors design are quite large than normal doors and are mostly twice the size of regular doors. This sliding glass doors are generally used in Southern Europe and in United States. They are used in apartments, hotel rooms and residences for large view out, to increase the amount of natural light in rooms and increase the flow of incoming fresh air into the rooms.


The traditional glass door design has two sections one is fixed and the other one is mobile such that it can slide open. Actually the sliding door is usually a movable rectangular framed door mounted parallel to a fixed framed neighboring glass partition. The moving panel section slides in its own plane in a fixed track parallel to the adjacent fixed panel.

Another design of the sliding glass doors is a glass pocket door which has the open-wall pocket where the glass panel slides into.

The third design of sliding doors has the glass panels all suspended from above. They leave a free and trackless floor plane and they also slides into the side pocket. When this doors are closed they usually drop down creating a weatherproof seal.

This sliding glass door frames are manufactured from stainless steel, steel or aluminium. The glass are manufactured from PVC-plastics the glasses on the window are fitted externally or internally, where those that are fitted internally have high security design. The objective of security design in doors is for protecting the sliding and fixed parts from being removed from their rails. A fixed ant-lift block can be fitted at the frame top to prevent the door from being lifted off form its rails.

Glass door design has grown immensely in term of technology, and has helped people advance their lives in very many ways.

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