Thursday 29th June 2017,
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Sliding Closet Door Plus Style Equals A Fresh Look


Do you have the same old sliding closet door in your bedroom since what seems like forever? Well maybe you should consider taking a look at other new, exciting options to turn up the design in your house with the simplest ideas. They can be an organization challenge, because they only display half the space at a time, but they sure can come in handy, while also making any room look beautiful and giving it that touch of flowing personality.


To start things off, do you love that country vibe, even if you live in the city? How about a classic barn design? It can make any space seem cozy and add that touch of sass you were hoping for. Does that space between your bed and where you keep your shoes and clothes keep you up at night because you just don’t know what to do with it? How about putting a mirror right in there, or, if you already have a mirror, how about some classic wooden ones with some fresh classic egg white coat of paint? Like everything else in your home, your sliding closet door should reflect your style and personality. But even if you are the kind of gal who says she would much rather just throw some curtains in that space as a way to modernize it, nothing says modern like the perfect design, that one that you just know will bring the room together, now does it?


You can go modern, vintage, recycled, wooden, mirrored, barn-style shutters (yes, these are real and super stylish!), just regular wooden barn inspired one. You can go totally vintage and put some wallpaper on top of it. Do the kids have them in their bedroom? Here’s a great new idea for you to decorate the sliding closet door on the kids’ bedroom: use some chalkboard paint on it! With this, your kids can play and use their creativity, while also being in charge of their own decoration, with mom and dad’s help, of course.  We hope we got your inspiration juices flowing, so let’s get decorating, shall we?

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