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The Elegance of Interior Sliding French Doors

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If you were to ask every homeowner to make a list of the properties they most wish their home to display, you can be sure that elegance would appear near the top of the list almost every time. As much as we may like to pretend to be modest about our homes, we all secretly want our visitors to be envious of our understated good taste. We want to watch them turn to their partners, discreetly attract their attention and whisper ‘why doesn’t our place look this nice?’ Come on, be honest. Nothing makes us feel better than to see nods of appreciation along with poorly disguised envy from our visitors.

The trouble is that elegance can be difficult to pull off, because it isn’t so much determined by the furniture but by the rooms themselves. It’s about a sense of scale, symmetry and style that all come together to create something indefinable and magical. If you have just the right room, with just the right doors and just the right windows, you could throw a weather-beaten old sofa in the middle of it and it would still, as if by magic, take on an air of elegance.

So what’s the secret to elegance? Well, it’s hard to say, but there’s one particular feature that can help bring out the best in almost any room: interior sliding French doors.

A French door is a multi-paned glass door designed to allow light to flood into a room. In fact, each pane of a French door is itself known as a ‘light’. This style of door creates a light, open and airy atmosphere that creates the illusion of space. Interior sliding French doors go even further than that, as they don’t just create the illusion of space; they create actual space. The absence of a hinged door separating two rooms can free up many square feet of wasted floor space in every room in which they’re used.

Interior sliding French doors

The impact of installing French sliding doors into your home simply can’t be underestimated. By widening the doorway between, for instance, your living room and dining room, and separating the two with a sliding door, you can as much as double the perceived space. Even when the doors are closed the glass panes allow light to flood in, creating the illusion of openness in even the smallest of spaces.

The greatest benefit of investing in interior sliding French doors, however, is that they add a simple stylish touch to any room. Hinged doors are far too utilitarian to offer anything in the way of style, but a beautiful paned sliding door adds a flavour of continental charm that will inject elegance into any home.

Interior sliding French doors

Interior sliding French doors can be used to great effect in any part of your home, but whether you choose to open up every room or simply add them to a single closet they’ll go a long way towards making your living space as elegant and desirable as it can be. All you have to do, if you’ll forgive the pun, is see the light.

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