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A Definitive Guide to the Different Doors Styles

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Different Door

Doors serve different purposes in ever home. The front door has an impact on the first impression of onlookers and guests, and it is also the focal point of the home’s facade. Other doors in the home serve as entryways to different rooms or as a barricade that could allow or block access to a particular area. There are a number of different doors styles, and a homeowner will choose a particular style based on their tastes and preferences as well as the purpose that the door is supposed to serve. The following are some of the different doors styles available in the market today.

Hinged doors

This is the most common type of doors in a lot of homes and offices. They are very simple as they contain hinges that the door swings on when it is being opened or closed. The style, design and material depend entirely on the tastes and preferences of the owner. There should be enough space in the room to allow the hinged door to swing freely. Exterior hinged doors are usually quite heavy and they may use up to three hinges. Interior doors, on the other hand, are quite light, and they may have only two hinges.

Different Door

Panel doors

This is a very classic style. It consists of 3 vertical stiles and 3 to 4 horizontal rails. The spaces between the stiles and rails are filled with thin panels. Each panel is surrounded by a decorative mold. This door is richly textured, and it is ideal for both modern and traditional settings.

French doors

This is a very charming and chic door style that is ideal for wide door spaces. French doors are usually used in traditional designs and they often have glass panels. They are commonly used as patio doors or interior passageways between the different rooms in a house.

Pocket doors

These are doors that slide into the wall when opened. Therefore, no floor space is taken up when these doorways are opened.

Flush doors

These are very simple and inexpensive doors. Flush doors usually consist of a flat slab that is made from hardwood or any other material. The hardwood veneer could be stained, and the other materials could be painted in order to give the door an elegant finish. They are perfect for contemporary settings, and can be used as interior or exterior doors.

Different Door

Bifold doors

These doors are mostly used in closets that are more than six feet wide. Each door will take up approximately half of the swinging space of hinged doors. Bifold doors can be louvered, panel or flush doors.

Storm doors

These are exterior security doors that are often made from vinyl or metal. They are used together with other types of exterior doors with the aim of locking out any intruders. They are usually much heavier than standard doors, and can be locked for extra safety. Some of them are plain and inexpensive, while others could be intricately designed.

Exterior doors can be made from fiberglass, metal or wood. Interior doors are mostly made from wood and glass. A homeowner can choose the different doors styles to reflect their personality and the theme in their home. Whichever style they choose, they should ensure that each door is able to effectively serve its purpose.

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