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Common Types of Double Storm Doors

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In the actual context of ever changing climate, extreme weather phenomena are a constant threat to homes, even in locations that were previously regarded as safe. Vicious storms, tornadoes, powerful winds or other threats are becoming more common and storm doors can provide an added safety layer for your house.

What are storm doors?

Storm doors are special type of doors that are installed on the exterior of the main access doors to protect them during bad weather. Featuring interchangeable panels, window screens, safety nets or other special components, storm doors provide visibility while also protecting the main doors. Also, storm doors protect your home against insects, birds and other small animals.

Double Storm Doors

Common types of storm doors

Storm doors are generally made of plastics, wood, fiberglass or aluminum and there are three types of storm doors available: Full-View, Ventilating and Retractable Screen. Every type of storm door is available in various formats and can be single sided, double sided or double storm doors, depending on the size of the opening and other factors. Full View storm doors include a glass panel and full screen, both interchangeable, while Retractable Screen storm doors have a roll-up screen installed in the frame. Ventilating storm doors have a half or full screen that is installed over the storm floor to provide ventilation.

1. Wood storm doors

Wood has been the original material when it comes to storm doors, as it adds elegance, it is easily shaped in various styles and it has lower costs. Wood screen doors always require a layer of protecting coating to prevent damage from the elements. Wooden storm doors that are less than 1 inch in thickness are used as screen doors, while thicker panels can accommodate glass panels.

2. Aluminum storm doors

Aluminum’s greatest advantage over other materials is its excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum storm doors do not need special coatings against elements and they are available in a variety of thicknesses. Because of the structural strength of the aluminum, these storm doors are easily crafted in a huge variety of shapes and sizes: double storm doors, triple storm doors, sliding storm doors, interchangeable storm doors, special screens and numerous other types.

3. Fiberglass and PVC storm doors

These doors combine the anticorrosion properties of the aluminum storm doors with the aesthetic properties of the wooden doors. PVC doors can be molded in every shape imaginable with low costs and can be finished, giving them an elegant look. Some PVC doors require steel frames to provide the required necessary strength.On the other hand, fiberglass storm doors are very rigid and they can stand even the most powerful gusts of wind. However, these types of doors can be quite expensive, and are only recommended in certain locations, where the weather can pose serious risks to homes. Fiberglass doors are very resistant to sun damage (UV radiation) and they don’t change color or peel and they are extremely durable and rigid.

Double Storm Doors

Whatever type of storm door you want, there are endless types, shapes and materials to choose from. These types of doors not only provide you with an additional layer of protection, but they also give your house an elegant look. Single or double storm doors will protect your main entrance from the ravages of sun, wind or rain, while also letting in fresh air through their intelligently designed cooling and ventilation system. Storm doors can an almost endless variety of panels installed, including sun screens, insect screens, foam insulated panels, mesh screens and they can have a various types of finishes, from fine wood, to metallic colors.

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