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4 Essential Types Of Interior Doors

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Interior Door

There are numerous types of doors in the market today, making it hard for one to pick the right one. Basically, doors are gateways into the house and into individual rooms. Choosing a perfect type of door is important in ensuring that the house gains a desirable aesthetic value. Therefore, it is essential that you make consultations and undertake adequate market research to understand the right ones and pick a door that best suits your needs and budget. The main door provides access to the outside of a building or the house while the interior doors provide access to individual rooms. Hence, here are types of interior doors that you should know.

1. Standard interior doors

These are the types of doors that are usually one piece. They fit the opening and mounted on hinges to a single side of the opening. Standard interior doors swing into or out of the room but this depends on installation by a professional. Many of these doors are hollow while others are also made of solid wood. They give a wonderful appearance when painted or primed. It is a wonderful idea to fix these doors with a doorknob for easy locking from the room inside such as in the bathroom or bedroom to be more private. Six-panel is another interior door type made with the panels that are recessed to give an elegant design.

Interior Door

2. Bi-fold door

Bi-fold doors are interior doors mainly used for closets and also used between your rooms that are frequently used. These doors are made in such a way that they get hinged together then fold into one another. Bi-fold doors are mounted on a track which hangs from the top of opening. It is an opening then that holds a single or double bi-fold doors meeting in the middle. When bi-fold doors are opened they lead to less room intrusion compared to the standard types of doors. This is why these doors are very popular choice by many. For added design, you can get the six-paneled type of bi-fold doors. They are normally designed to be solid or louvered or both combined together. Do not these doors for areas such as bathroom that require privacy.

Interior Door

3. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are sliding interior doors made to be able to slide away from opening into the wall of the room. Pocket door allows full accessibility of the room without requiring any other space. This characteristic feature makes them to be the most popular doors in the making of new structures construction. A non-load bearing wall should be constructed and made to be wide to house pocket door. Repair and replacement of this door seems to be expensive than others.

4. Luan Doors

These types of doors are mounted at opening head from a track. The opening then will house two sliding doors one behind another. Luan doors do not use up additional room space when they are opened. This is why they are mainly preferred as closet doors. Both sides of the Luan closet doors are prohibited from simultaneous accessibility making them to be opened by only half after installation.

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