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3 Superb Pocket Doors for Bathroom You’ll Fall in Love with

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Pocket Door

Redecorating your bathroom should necessarily address not only your needs, but also your personal preferences in regard to how you’d like this intimate sanctuary to look and feel. Besides having to replace your old-fashioned furniture, the boring, white bathtub, and probably the whole color scheme, you must also think about the door you are going to install. You’d be surprised to find out how many people underestimate the importance of having a solid, good-looking door that complements the design you’ve chosen for the bathroom. Just thinking about the many door styles, materials, and colors available will make your head feel heavier.
We’ll show you 4 fashionable and extremely good-looking door styles you just can’t go wrong with when redecorating your bathroom – check them out below.

Wooden Pocket Doors

Choosing wooden pocket doors for bathroom can be quite a challenge considering the large array of models and styles available. A wooden door will be perfect if you’re planning on making your bathroom look and feel rustic, you should never forget that you’re probably going to take long, hot baths inside, which will result in lots of steam that will eventually turn into water. It’s probably needless to say that, when excessive amounts of water sit on wood for much too long, the porous surface will gradually absorb it, expanding and ruining the elegant finish of the door as well as the polish, if any.

However, a wooden pocket door will be more solid than a glass one, because the risk of accidentally breaking it will be minimal. To top that off, you will never have to think about installing a new one soon, as these pocket doors for bathroom can last years without scratches.

Pocket Door

Glass Pocket Doors

If you want to approach a more modern or sleek design, glass pocket doors are generally very suitable, as they will give your bathroom a very futuristic appearance and feel. However, you will want to think twice before installing glass pocket doors for bathroom, as they’re pretty revealing, and other people might actually see you when you’re enjoying a well-deserved hot bath. And in spite of their excellent appearance, they’re also extremely fragile, meaning that you should be concerned about their resistance if you have a large dog or kids around.

At the same time, a sliding glass pocket door might be cheaper than a wooden one, which will be great if you’re more budget-conscious. Depending on the style you approach (full glass, centered glass, or partial glass), you might need to take some extra money out of your wallet.

Pocket Door

Mirrored Pocket Door

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, or attempting to pluck your eyebrows, you’re certainly using a mirror to ensure that you’re doing well. What if you could look at yourself in the mirror, but on the door? Mirrored pocket doors for bathroom are a good option if you want to constantly admire yourself, and make sure that you look your best. Of course, you should probably expect more money on such doors, but they’re typically quite resistant since the frame of the mirror is solid, and made of thick wood or metal.

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